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How-To Guide

Installing Superslide® Hardware

Superslide® hardware allows continuous hanger movement from one end of a shelf to the other. Some additional hardware components must be installed along with the standard wall clips and other pieces.

Superslide® wall brackets look different than standard wall brackets, but install the same way (see Installing Wall Brackets). Hanger bars are available in 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ lengths and can be cut to length if required with a hacksaw or tubing cutter. These bars snap into place in Hanger Bar Supports.
Two hanger bar supports are available. One is meant for new installations, the other for retrofitting existing shelves. To install the first, pass the support up from below the shelf and snap the back of the bracket into place. (On 12" shelves, the brackets will be installed between the front lip and the first wire rod. On 16" shelves, the brackets are installed at 12" from the wall, between the two wire rods running parallel to the wall.) Then pull the support down until front hook snaps over the deck rod. The Universal Hanger Bar Support allows existing shelves to be converted to Superslide®. The bracket is positioned behind the shelf lip, a plate is positioned in front of it, where the two sections are connected with a screw. Hanger bar supports should be placed no more than three feet apart.

External and internal end caps are available for the hanger bars. The internal end cap is used in open-end installations and provides a hanger stop. Hanger bar connectors allow two cut or short lengths to be connected cleanly.

Finally, curved corner hanger bars allow you to slide clothing around corners. Tapered ends fit inside the ends of the Superslide® hanger bars. To allow for installation of the corner hanger bar, use a tubing cutter or hacksaw to cut hanger bars accordingly.

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